“For Ao, God of Gods, so loved the world, he sent a devastiting flood to purge the weak and unfaithful, however many Gods opposed him, and thus the Gods went to war”

The world has flooded, the Greater Gods have withdrawn and abandoned the material realm, The lesser gods are those who remain, left to guide and protect the survivors of the “Great End” The God of the Sea granted 7 sages pieces of knowledge, first thought to be tuches of madness, that when combined, created a blueprint for an immensely powerful relic known as Septem turrim radix. The sages, driven by a telepathic bond, sailed to eachother, and created the relic, upon completion, 7 impossibly tall towers rose from the god-flooded lands, and a message was sent to all surviving life, that detailed how to reach the towers. It is in these towers that The mortal races have survived. Each of the 7 sages claimed a tower and became the Watcher as well a The leader of their tower. Many years passed and life became normal under the new circumstances, but one of the sages grew power hungry, and waged war on one of the other towers, in order to bring peace, the other towers retaliated with extreme force, destroying most of the tower, and dooming all within to death, what they did not forsee was the damage to the magical core of the tower, now it grows, ceaselessly, and within unnatural entities have came to life, these entities seem to have rallied under a more powerful evil within….


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