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Arcanum Mortis Septima : Often referred to as Arcmos, This tower used to house all of the known research and spellcraft for each school of magic, as well as the full blueprint to the Septem turrim radix. After the Tower’s Leader revolted, it was destroyed, and now stands as a relic of the past. Rumors often pass that a great Evil resides within.

Turrim rusticae: More commonly known as Turrus, this tower has taken up the mantle of the primary source of food and industry. There are 3 distinct layers, each with their own sublayers, the bottom layer, producendum, farms, as well as manages the importing and exporting of goods for the tower, The Middle Layer, Picea, Is tasked with the smithing and production of weapons and armor for the other towers. While most armor and weapons come from Picea, each tower has their own master smith, known as A Dominus. The top layer is tasked with the production of magical items and tools. The Dominus of Turrim Rusticae resides here.

Turrim Divitiae: More commonly referred to as Turivti, This Tower acts as a global bank and commerce center. There are no layers or sublayers here, instead the entire tower works together to acheive their goals. All trade ships, as well as all military fleets pass through this tower. As a result of this, the Towersees quite a bit of brigand and Pirate raids so, the Dominus has ordered the tower be outiftted with bleeding edge magicitechnological weaponry known as Carmina.

Turrim in ministerium: More commonly referred to as Turminis, This tower is the center for all military and religious personnel, it is here that all Dominus are trained and assigned. There are 2 layers to this tower, the bottom layer houses the Great Lacessit, which is a group of deeply devoted worshippers, each who represent a god, and beneath their temple they have locked away the members who worshipped the gods who helped Ao in his destructive quest. The Top layer houses all members of the Exercitus mundi High Command. The Exercitus mundi is the international military that patrolls the waters around the towers, keeping them safe from pirates and other terrible happenings. The Dominus of this tower serves as the high commander of the military as well as the All-Worshipper.

Turrim Disciplinae: More Commonly known as Tuscipli, this Tower is home to all non-divine faithful, including the different monk followings, the Ex Viridi Druidae, and the Paladins of varying oaths. This Tower acts independently of the other towers, but serves as a training ground for the soldiers of the Exercitus mundi. The layout of the tower is open air in most areas, permitting those who reside here a very tranquil and free spirited lifestyle. The Dominus of this tower is the primary caretaker of the Sages who first built the Septem turrim radix.

Turrim in gaudium: More commonly known as Turrgau, this tower is devoted to pleasure and joy, The Dominus of this tower is the Head of the bard college. The tower is split into two layers, the Top being a massive institution for bards and Skalds. the bottom layer is essentially a massive brothel/banquet hall, it’s inhabitants often refer to it as Valhalla. It is here that all festivals and celebrations are planned and executed.

Turrim in carcerem more commonly known as Turricar, this tower serves as a massive prison, housing all mnner of prisoners, the tower is all one continuous layer, but the highest value, and most dangerous prisoners are kept at the top. The Dominus of this tower serves as the judge, jury, and executioner. very few people visit this tower, and for good reason, the amount of suffering and death that goes on here, has resulted in a warping of the negative plane, and as a result the very tower oozes a magical energy that saps all positive energy out of anyone even remotely close to it.

Main Page

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